1. lettuce-bed-400Easy to learn and do- you can set up a small garden in an afternoon yourself.
  2. Low cost- most materials are free and readily available
  3. Minimum of effort with no digging involved unless present soil is heavily compacted
  4. Doesn’t disturb worms, micro- organisms or fungi in the underlying soil
  5. Doesn’t bring up buried weed seeds to the surface where they can germinate and grow
  6. A thick mulch of organic material:
    1. Provides low maintenance because it smothers most weeds
    2. Retains moisture and shades the soil therefore saving water
    3. Provides food and protection for worms and micro organisms which help develop soil
  7. Ideal for doing together in neighborhood groups which builds community and is fun.

Reasons to replace part of your lawn with a food producing garden

  1. If you grow an organic garden, it improves food quality and safety because commercial crops contain toxins from pesticides and herbicides.
  2. Precious water is used to grow food instead of on non productive grass.
  3. Less money is spent on food and gas since there is less need for shopping for food
  4. You get more nutrition since food is fresher. This results in better health and more energy, which also lowers family medical bills
  5. No waste of food scraps, leaves or grass which can be composted into plant food.
  6. Food security is high if gardens are in your own back yard. Less chance of stealing.
  7. A medium sized backyard garden can produce a large quantity of food each year.
  8. Sharing produce and gardening with neighbors is fun and builds good relationships