myk-bob-garden-480No Dig Gardening is maintained by Bob Jones (right) and Myk Rushton (left).

Bob Jones

As the world food crisis worsened in 2008 due to rising fuel prices and the onset of a global recession, Bob Jones became convinced that more individuals were going to need to learn how to grow their own food to survive and be healthy. In March 2008 he started offering lectures and workshops on the no dig gardening technique in Maine, Colorado and New Zealand.

Bob Jones is an avid gardener and has used the no dig method for years. He has done extensive research on how to optimize this process. In 2007, he founded Grow Food not Lawns in Colorado. He is executive director of Stewards of the Earth, a non profit organization dedicated to supporting sustainable projects. The no dig workshops are a joint project of Stewards of the Earth and local “Transition Towns” in Maine and New Zealand.

“Why I Love to Garden”, a short written piece by Bob

Myk Rushton

With an initial background in agriculture Myk has formal qualifications in engineering, ecology and IT. He has completed Permaculture Design coursess in the UK in 1998 and New Zealand the following year. Myk has an overall belief in the ethics of permaculture and has been practicing permaculture, and more recently permaculture design, for over 15 years.