Would you like to learn an easy way to set up a vegetable garden? Try A No Dig Garden!

No dig gardening is an easy, low cost way to build fertile soil to grow healthy plants and vegetables. This is done by adding layers of organic material on top of existing soil or grass which decomposes and becomes humus then soil.

Good for you and the environment

People are becoming motivated to start vegetable gardens due to higher food and fuel prices, the desire for healthy organic food and economic necessity. You can learn more on our benefits page. We offer two short films plus a step by step guide for how to create a no dig garden bed yourself or in a neighborhood or community effort.

Our Goals

To get this free information to as many individuals globally as possible. We would appreciate your help in sending our website address to friends or putting the link to the website on any websites where you think it might be helpful to others.
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mother-daughter-259“Give a person some vegetables and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to grow vegetables and they can feed themselves for a lifetime.” – Variation of Chinese Proverb

Learn how No Dig Gardening can help bring communities together